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Stuffing box packings, also known as shaft seals or barrier packings, seal the space between a rotating shaft or rod and its housing. They prevent liquids such as water, oil or chemicals from escaping from the system. They are made of braided fibres, which vary depending on the application and requirements. They are available in natural and synthetic fibres such as cotton, ramie, carbon/graphite, PTFE, PTFE/aramid or inorganic glass fibres.

The following parameters must be known when selecting the material: Application, pressure, temperature, fluid and speed. With this information, we can quickly determine the suitable material.

Packing rings

The use of pre-pressed packing rings is recommended for sealing stuffing boxes at the highest temperatures and pressures at which braided packings can no longer be used.

Pre-pressed graphite rings can be used as endless or split versions. The advantage of the split ring is that it is easy to refit without having to completely dismantle the stuffing box gland.

Pure graphite gaskets are widely used in all industrial sectors. They are used wherever high temperatures prevail or where substances characterised by particular aggressiveness are present. They are used, for example, in the manufacture of pumps or exhaust systems.

The versatility of these gaskets in particular makes them so attractive for many applications. For example, pure graphite gaskets can be supplemented with stainless steel flaps or impregnated with PTFE or copper in order to achieve better results and an optimised application. This also includes the use of graphite foil, which makes it possible to maintain sealing quality even at temperatures of more than 450 °C.

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