Sealing systems as a one-off or in series production


Express/special production

Production according to your specifications, made in Germany

We only need a sample or drawing to produce your special gasket from all standard rubber, plastic or metal materials! We can supply you with dimensionally accurate turned gaskets for the highest loads up to a diameter of 1600 mm. We manufacture flat gaskets very quickly and with high precision in metal and non-metallic materials in a wide variety of shapes and geometries. The maximum sheet size for laser and plotter is 1500 x 3000 mm.


Various materials for a wide range of requirements

We started out with metal gaskets, which we know inside out – regardless of the type of gasket. We can now also professionally process soft materials such as aramid or ceramic fibres, PTFE or graphite into your sealing system. And, of course, we combine the materials and produce the right gasket for your needs.

Technical advice

Product advice with expertise

Since we have a deep understanding of sealing systems and manufacture them ourselves, we can provide excellent advice when it comes to finding the optimum solution for your application. Our team can advise you on all aspects of products, but we can also assist you with logistics.



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